Volunteers needed to help with the Singletrack Ride-N-Rally at Mulberry Gap March 23 - 24, 2019

Volunteers needed to help with the Singletrack Ride-N-Rally at Mulberry Gap March 23 - 24, 2019

This is a fundraiser for the NGMBA.

Singletracks and Mulberry Gap are hosting the annual Singletracks event from March 23-24. The event is formerly known as the Brutal Loop but they have expanded the event to a full weekend and are calling it the Ride-N-Rally. 

We are in need of a few more volunteers to essentially act as ride leaders for gravel and single track routes. Singletracks.com will cover the afternoon meal and throw in some swag from sponsors. They are donating all proceeds from their raffle to the club, similar to how Brutal Loop use to work. 

We’re looking for 3-5 volunteers for Saturday and 3 on Sunday. You can read more about the weekend here and to see the scheduled itinerary. For those interested in assisting, they can reach out to Leah Barber from Singletracks.com (leah@singletracks.com).

Trail work day at Aska

Aska need a little trail love. follow the link for details and sign up INK O��,�

Please join us for a workday at Longbranch Trail, Aska Trail System, Saturday February 23, 2019 9a - 1p. 
We will be cleaning drains to maintain and improve drainage on the northwest section of the Longbranch Loop.  We will work rain or shine.  Drains that we cleaned last year are still functioning even with all the rain we have had for the past year.

Click on this LINK for more info and to sign up.  

The long awaited Fruitkof new trail project, Aska Trail System is moving into the next step of development.  We had a bit of a set back with the government shutdown but the project will be out for public comment soon.  We will be sending out the link to comment and more information as soon as we get it.  The FS biologist is reviewing the biological survey and the archeological survey will be performed soon.   

The Fruitkof new trail project is about 9.5 miles, about 5 miles of beginner trail, 3 miles of intermediate trail and 1.5 mile reroute of the Green Mtn Trail all located at the end of the Green Mountain Trail. 

The North Georgia Mountain Bike Association (formerly known as EMBA) is a non-profit mountain bike advocacy organization that maintains over 50 miles of awesome old school trails in Pickens, Gilmer, and Fannin Counties. New trail projects; Talking Rock Preserve, Carters Lake and Frutikof are designed to enhance the riding experience and support a variety of mountain bikers from beginners to gravity riders.  One of the original SORBA chapters, NGMBA developed some of the first mountain bike trails in the Southeast.  Your support by joining/renewing is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Andy Milton, President  



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Election Results

The Election results are in and Andy Milton won his bid for president. Special thanks to Larry for his efforts and support of our club!!


I want to thank the members of NGMBA for your trust and support. I will work hard at trying to take our club to the next level. My goals

1. Bring our community together for a stronger club.

2. Create and bring more trails to our area.

3. Improve our trails we have now.

4. Have fun and ride our bike. We are in this club to have fun and ride so we need more social events and rides.

5. Keep our members informed and in touch which will help achieve these along with so many other goals.

Again thank you for your support and if you have any questions or would like to offer any suggestion please feel free to email me, I welcome all.

Thank you

Andy Milton

NGMBA Vote for New President

NGMBA Vote for New President

The new nominees for the Board of Directors are as follows in the list below.  Those running unopposed will take over or continue board positions in December at the Annual Christmas Party.  For the first time, we do have 2 very qualified candidates for president and members can vote for the one they think will best lead the chapter for the next 2 years. Below are photos and bios of the candidates for president.  Please click HERE to vote your choice and please include your name.  Only NGMBA members of good standing can vote - family memberships can have two votes that need not be the same.  All votes are confidential.  Voting will commence from now until November 30, 2018 11:59p.   
President:  Larry Alonso / Andy Milton
VP:  Luke Garland
Secretary:  Cathy Crook
Treasurer:  Abby Tredway
Membership Director:  Josh Chastain 
Trail Director:  Chris Gray 
Webmaster:  Craig Hensley 
Activity Director:  Brandon Lofton
Community Liaison:  Marty Brechbuhl


Larry Alonso

Nominee for President of NGMBA

For the purpose of consideration as President of the North Georgia Mountain Bike Association
Mountain Biker:  I bought my first mountain bike in 1993, a purple Bridgestone MB-2, with a crown fork and friction shifters, and I was hooked from the first time I rode down Repack on Mt Tamalpais in the San Francisco Bay Area.  In those early years, I served on the Mount Diablo Mountain Bike Patrol, bike commuted across the Golden Gate, eventually relocating to Georgia where I rode the Civil War breast works on Dug Gap Mountain and Snake Gap, helped build and race on the trails at Carters Lake (Woodring Branch and the Downhill course running alongside the Dam), raced at MOE at the Downhill Dual Slalom course, and rode Bear Creek for the first time around 1993 with Jim Parham’s first edition Off the Beaten Track.  Since then, my bride and I have ridden from Molokai to Chocolocco, now spending time showing our kids the same trails that have enthralled us for over 20 years.
Professional:  As a career active-duty Commissioned Officer with the United States Public Health Service (CAPT, O-6) for 19 years, I have responded to health crises around the world.  Currently stationed at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, I am responsible for a chronic-disease prevention portfolio that targets Type 2 Diabetes prevention in American Indian populations.  A Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner, I have served in varied roles including providing direct patient care, Clinic Manager, Project Officer, Grant Reviewer, author, and Team Lead.  My passion for cycling stems in part from sharing the salutary effects of the sport with others and seeing the power of chronic disease prevention manifest in those who cycle regularly.
Personal:  Married to my bride Laura Lea for 23 years, we have six children and have lived in Ellijay for 10 + years, though we have been visiting and riding in Gilmer County for over 24 years.  Grounded in our Christian faith, we are members of Grace Community Church in Dawsonville.  In 2017, Laura Lea and I started the Gilmer Composite Youth Mountain Bike Team.  Team Cartecay has grown in size to 25 student riders, and currently enjoys a ranking of 8th (Division II) in the Georgia NICA League.
Platform:  As a prospective President of the NGMBA, I would seek to bring organization, leadership, commitment, and vision to the Club.  As a working platform, I would emphasize the following priorities:

  • Broaden club membership and community voice through a shared constituency and building of collaborations with other outdoor user groups.

  • Ensure local control over resource development decisions.

  • Ensure intentional club synergy with local businesses whose livelihoods are connected with local trail resources and related events.

  • Herald local trail development and the hosting of key events as prime directives for the club.  Calendar, publicly announce, and assist in leading advance preparation for community signature events.

  • Build club cohesion through clear communication, organized dissemination of information, and a commitment to establishing a club culture of enjoyment, as well as promoting enjoyment in the out of doors.


Andy Milton

Nominee for President of NGMBA

Thank you for the opportunity to be considered for president of our local SORBA chapter NGMBA . 

I am, as many of you know, a local boy to Ellijay and as such, very interested in our community.  As a lifelong resident and an outdoor enthusiast, mountain biking was a perfect fit for me.  I originally started mountain biking in the late 90s and in the last 8 years have become very involved with our club. I have served on the board as Vice President for a few years now and during this tenure I have learned a lot about our club and the work that goes into gaining access to new sustainable fun trail, which in the end is what we all want.  I have been involved with land managers, business owners, other organizations and local government in meetings to promote and help secure our interests in our public lands.  These trails and proposed trails take a lot of hard work and time to keep up and come to fruition.  Land managers depend on our help and expertise and they welcome it. I have had training on basic trail building and design, trail building machines, crew leader and understand the goals and objectives of our varied land managers to provide the expertise needed to effectively partner with them. This helps us as a club to be taken seriously.  Managers like the fact we know and have some knowledge of what their view points are. This knowledge will help me if elected, to perform my duties and direct the club. 

As for me and who I am outside of mountain biking - I have been self-employed for many years in several businesses in Gilmer County.  A furniture and appliance business for 10 years. Appliance repair Buisness for 18 years. Construction business for 30+ years. And real estate for many years too.  I have served on my POA board and presided over it for a year. I have 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren. And of course a wonderful woman who is my strength Joan my wife of 17 years. I will ride a bicycle about 3000 miles this year. 

I would be honored to serve if elected. I look to fill our member's needs for more communication, bring the mountain bike community together, and more fun club activities such as socials, events, workdays and rides.  There has been a lot of work that went into several new trail systems:  Talking Rock, Ridgeway and Fruitkoff (Aska) and more new opportunities in the pipeline. Trails take time and effort neither are easy and I am dedicated to continuing the advocacy needed to create great mountain bike trails for our community. 

Thank you again for your consideration

To join or renew click HERE

Mike Palmeri, President
North Georgia Mountain Bike Association

NGMBA Board Nominations and 2018 Reflections

NGMBA Board Nominations and 2018 Reflections


Well it's time for me to step back and look for new leadership with our chapter.  But before we get into the nomination and election process, I would like to reflect on the accomplishments of the NGMBA for the past year.

  1. 8 miles of new trail at Talking Rock, that NGMBA helped develop by educating Southeastern Trust for Parks & Land on best practices, recommending the trail builder, contribute partial funding and help maintain.

  2.  Developed a Mountain Bike Trail concept plan for Carters Lake for Ridgeway and Woodring.  USACE is in the process of approving the plan.  When complete, Woodring will have an additional 11 miles + a pump track.  Ridgeway will have a total of 6 miles of flow trail.

  3.  Re-opened Ridgeway - constructed 2 miles of flow trail and revamped the gravity trails.  

  4. Aska Trail System - Continued the Challenge Cost Share Agreement with US Forest Service in constructing the re-route on Longbranch.  New bridge to be constructed soon.  Completed the first phase of NEPA for Fruitkof new trail project.  Botanical survey is complete and we are waiting for US Forest Service to perform the Archeological survey.  Once these surveys are done, then fundraising for 8.5 miles of new trail at Fruitkof will begin with construction to follow.  Rock Armoring Clinic will be scheduled for late this year or early next year.  

  5. Cartecay Bike Shop has performed many hours of maintenance at Bear Creek/Pinhotis/Mountaintown trails and hosted fun rides and events.

  6.  Mulberry Gap has hosted:

    Brutal Loop - spring (Singletracks.com)
    Drama Queen - summer 
    Singlespeed Smackdown - summer (Singlespeed Militia)
    Turkey Shuffle - fall 
    Fireball Fiasco - winter

    To date, Mulberry Gap has raised around $10k since early 2016. We have really enjoyed putting on these events and helping out our community and would love to continue growing them to see the club and trails thrive! 

  7. Blue Mountain Bike hosted the Carters Lake Enduro Reloaded at Ridgeway and raised $2,600.

  8. NGMBA with the Gilmer Chamber of Commerce applied for the IMBA Ride Center Designation, hopefully to be awarded in 2019.

  9. Donated $500 to each NICA team to help support them.

  10. Initiated a public meeting between the Gilmer Commissioners and Cherokee Commissioner to tour the Blankets Creek parking facility to educate Gilmer on how investing in mountain bike parking infrastructure can benefit the community.

It is my sincere hope that the new leadership will carry this work forward and to help our community, get more people on bikes and create more trails that everyone can enjoy.

Mike Palmeri, President NGMBA  

Now onto the nomination process.  These are the board of directors positions:

1.  President:  The President shall be responsible for carrying out the directives of the NGMBA Board of Directors.  The President shall also be the chairman of the NGMBA Board of Directors, preside over the membership meetings, communicate with members and represent NGMBA as a member of SORBA’s main organization Board of Directors, referred to herein as SORBA/Main.  The President shall also serve as liaison to the Gilmer, Fannin and Pickens County Chamber of Commerce, elected officials and North Georgia land managers.  The President can expect to volunteer a minimum of 8hrs @ month or less if all officers and directors are performing their duties.
2.  Vice President:  The Vice President shall discharge the duties of the president in the event of a vacancy in that office or in the event the president is absent or unable to discharge those duties.  The Vice President shall also assist the president in NGMBA activities as requested.  The VP can expect to volunteer a minimum of 4hrs @ month. 
3.  Treasurer:  The Treasurer shall report on the status of all money and property of NGMBA and maintain records of all financial transactions.  The Treasurer shall also submit financial reports to the Treasurer of SORBA/Main on a monthly basis and provide status of all money at NGMBA Chapter meetings.  The Treasurer shall submit NGMBA IRS Tax Returns and maintain NGMBA corporate status with Georgia Secretary of State on an annual basis.  The Treasurer can expect to volunteer a minimum of 2hrs @ month. 
4.  Secretary:  The Secretary shall keep a record of NGMBA bylaws, meeting notes, and other administrative papers on file locally and on the SORBA Google Drive.  The Secretary can expect to volunteer a minimum of 2hrs @ month.  
5.  Activity Director:  The Activity Director shall coordinate group rides, festivals, races, fundraising, and other social events.  The Activity Director will also identify potential sponsors, solicit donations, and maintain relationships with existing sponsors.  The Activity Director shall submit NGMBA articles and pictures to SORBA/Main for news publications.  The Activity Director is encouraged to develop committee(s) to accomplish activity goals.  The Activity Director can expect to volunteer a minimum of 8hrs @ month.  
6.  Trail Director:  The Trail Director shall be responsible for coordinating work party schedules.  The Trail Director shall compile and submit volunteer hours to the SORBA/Main volunteer database and corresponding land managers on a quarterly basis.  The Trail Director shall be responsible for the inventory of tools and upkeep of the tool trailer and manage the certifications of Crew Leaders and Sawyers.  The Trail Director is directed to develop a trail committee consisting of a Trail Boss for each trail system.  Trail bosses need to be approved by the NGMBA Board of Directors and report to the Trail Director.  Trail Director and Trail Bosses must have a current Crew Leader and CPR/First Aid Certifications.  The Trail Director can expect to volunteer a minimum of 8hrs @ month.   
7.  Webmaster:  The Webmaster shall be responsible for managing web-based information on the NGMBA website and social networking sites.  The Webmaster can expect to volunteer a minimum of 4hrs @ month.  
8.  Membership Director:  The Membership Director shall maintain membership management database.  Communicate with new, renewed lapsed and expired members.  Develop new members by coordinating with IMBA and SORBA membership drives, on-site membership registration at events, emails, social media and other membership promotions.  The Membership Director can expect to volunteer a minimum of 4hrs @ month. 
9.  Community Liaison:  The Community Liaison will assist the President and Membership Director on communications and marketing campaigns, assist with chapter fundraising, and act as goodwill ambassador with local business community and elected officials.  The Community Liaison can expect to volunteer a minimum of 4hrs @ month. 

* Any current member of NGMBA may hold a board member position within the NGMBA Board of Directors.

* The members of NGMBA and/or the NGMBA Board of Directors may nominate board members by October 31st (the date will be extended to Friday Nov 2, 2018) for the election in November.  Notice for nominations shall be advertised by email, Social Media and website for two weeks prior to Nov 2, 2018.

* Click HERE to email your nomination.

So please, everyone check your membership if you want to nominate a special person you think will be a good candidate or if you yourself want to step up. 

Here is the link to join or renew your membership:  https://www.imba.com/join/chapter/ngmba