The Carters Lake Mountain Biking Trail Project, which will add 3 more miles to Ridgeway and 11 more miles to Woodring has worked it's way through USACE approval process and is now ready for a Recreational Trail Program grant application. Carters Lake, Gilmer County and NGMBA will be working together to submit an application for this grant cycle. It does take time for this process, please be patient. We submit this fall and if we the application makes it through the first phase we will be asked to submit the next application. If all goes well, we will receive the go ahead in the fall of 2020, with two years to complete the project. This is a 80/20 grant, meaning RTP supplies 80% of the costs and the community comes up with 20%. This can be in cash, in kind donations and volunteer hours.  You can bet NGMBA will be donating cash and volunteer hours.